Spectacular projects for employees

Our engineering expertise –
for your benefit

Our experienced contact partners offer personnel support by specialists in the engineering field. We live to see the latest development trends.

– Lothar DAUER, Managing Director

Flexibility pays off.

Courage to change!

This brings security
This brings experience
That’s what makes the difference

– Guido ENDRES, Managing Director

Success does not come by itself

Develop your future with us

Use our competence and our experience for your future with perspective.

We look forward to interesting conversations!

– Markus ZIMMERMANN, technical sales department

You have to attract valuable employees

For your interest in technology

My many years of experience as a trainer and manager have shown that success is greatest when the technical tasks coincide with the interests of our employees.

Relationships outlast employment contracts.

– Walter DIETZ, Dipl.-Ing. FH

Use fresh wind as an opportunity!

Openness and agility is the key to success in a constantly changing world

Why insist on fixed structures?
When an opportunity presents itself, why not go for something new?

– Simone ENDRES


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