Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best way to apply? Online or by e-mail

Both forms receive equal attention. Sending your application by e-mail is one of the most commonly used forms today. You can also use our quick “online application” via the link from our job advertisements.

Do I need different applications for different job offers?

If you have found more than one job among our vacancies, please let us know all the positions that interest you in your cover letter.

What can I do if I have not found my desired job offer?

Please send us your unsolicited application. Every day we are in contact with many customers who are constantly approaching us with new tasks and projects. There may be positions that are so up-to-date that they have not yet been advertised.

Can I clarify questions about my application in advance?

With pleasure. Call us, we are there for you personally – you will find the ways in which you can reach us under “Contact”.

How can I reapply?

At any time. It makes sense if you call us briefly beforehand to inquire about the status of your first application. It could be that we are working on it.

What qualifications do I need as an applicant?

Professional experience and qualifications are the most important points, but are not a prerequisite. It doesn’t always have to be a title. A technical apprenticeship or further qualification as a technician, master craftsman or engineer is a good basis.

What language skills should I have as an applicant?

Our employees work in national and international markets. A good knowledge of German and English is therefore an advantage.

Is an internship or a thesis considered work experience?

Many important experiences are made in internships and dissertations. Describe what you have learned and how. Sometimes this results in opportunities that you hadn’t thought of before.

Is it important to state the full system knowledge of software products?

It is advisable to indicate all programming languages, CAD systems, user software or diagnostic software and much more. In case of doubt, it is better to mention more systems or software platforms than to omit something that may be important.

What entry opportunities are there for graduates?

We have already made it easier for many to start their careers. Finding the right job and environment is often not easy. We know the things to watch out for – ask us.

What does the familiarization look like?

In practice, the support of experienced colleagues at the start has proven to be the best. For special tasks, e.g. in certain systems, we support you as required with special training.


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